How Far Does Formal Training Go in UFC?

Taking a look at past fights I’ve watched of Rick Story, I realized that the fighter has little formal training in MMA situations besides eclectic wrestling from grade school and college. Story does not posses any belts in any discipline, and is not an NCAA wrestler.

While such a situation is definitely rare in the UFC, it does pose the question: Is extensive formal training even needed?

Story is staying competitive without it. Other fighters have come in with low belts in their disciplines and beaten out far more decorated and experienced people. A multitude of accolades and belts in many disciplines weren’t enough to save Mauricio Rua from defeat earlier.

I dunno. It’s kind of a toss up. There’s no question that training aids in conditioning fighters and giving them a style to work with, but it might not be mandatory.

When matched up with experienced fighters in trained disciplines, my gut feeling is to lean away from Story based on his experience and stats, but it is highly interesting that someone without extensive formal training (especially in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) can be competitive in the UFC.  Check out our others posts we’ve written about Rick Story.

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